Rekonstrukce účetnictví | Accounting reconstruction | Rekonstruktion der Buchhaltung

Reconstruction of accounting

The current times in accounting practice more and more often bring us situations when entrepreneurs and companies need accounting reconstruction. The reasons for this are varied, ranging from poor quality work by former bookkeepers, to loss of data, to doubts about the completeness and accuracy of the accounts. This may also be due to disputes […]

Postřehy z účetních závěrek | Insights from the financial statements | Einblicke in die Finanzausweise

On May 2, the deadline for electronic filing of 2023 tax returns ended for corporations and individuals who do not have an audit or do not use a deferred filing form with a tax advisor. At Jaspar accounting firm, most of the filings were for corporate, i.e. (double-entry) accounts. In today’s article we briefly summarise […]

Nedaňové náklady / Non-tax costs / Nicht-steuerliche Kosten

Our current and potential clients, legal entities or self-employed persons who also use double-entry accounting, ask us in connection with income tax returns what exactly non-tax costs mean to them. How will it affect their tax return and, most importantly, the amount of their tax liability. Non-tax costs are defined in the Income Tax Act. […]

Audit účetnictví | Audit of bookkeeping | Rechnungsprüfung

Natural and legal persons engaged in business are obliged to file income tax returns for the calendar or business year. In paper form within three months after the end of the year, in electronic form we have four months to file. If we have a tax advisor or are subject to an audit, we have […]


Here we are at a time when we are approaching the closing of the accounts for 2023 and the filing of personal and corporate income tax returns. In this context, we have been approached by the managing director of a private limited company that he needs to “straighten out” the 2023 accounts and file his […]

Power BI - Business Analytics

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, it is crucial to not only understand market dynamics, customer behaviour and internal processes, but also to closely monitor the financial health of the company and its long-term development. Management reporting and management accounting are invaluable tools that lead to a deeper understanding of these aspects and enable business […]

Podnikatel ve stresu / Entrepreneur under stress / Unternehmerin unter Stress

We were contacted by an entrepreneur who had submitted three VAT control reports, which had only sections A, i.e. the supplies made, filled in. He is a quarterly VAT payer. Unfortunately, the former accountant did not enter the documents at the input and the submitted control reports did not correspond to reality. He subsequently submitted […]

Inventura / Inventory / Inventarisierung der Vermögenswerte

Here we are in the new year 2024. We wish you all good health, good luck and of course professional success and may it carry us through this year. At the beginning of the new year, we will be closing the previous one in the accounts. Don’t leave the delivery of last year’s and December’s […]

Registrace k DPH / VAT registration / Mehrwertsteuerregistrierung

Voluntary registration for VAT can be considered whenever the conditions for compulsory registration are not met and the person is a so-called taxable person. This means that he/she carries out an economic activity defined in the VAT Act and wants to be a VAT payer. For example, consider the situation of a newly established limited […]

Konsolidační balíček / Money consolidation / Konsolidierungspaket

In October 2023, the Chamber of Deputies approved and on 22 November the President of the Republic approved the consolidation package, which will increase levies on the self-employed and all taxpayers. The changes will affect property tax, VAT, income taxes. We now offer you an overview of some of the most significant changes.   From […]


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