Responsible representative of the importer of alcohol
Jaspar is the responsible agent for importers of alcohol. This obligation is based on the Law on Compulsory Labelling of Alcohol. On behalf of the companies, we make the registration with the customs office and submit a continuous tax import report.
2FA sealing of RDP area
NEWS / 2. 4. 2022
We have decided that in these difficult times we will keep innovating, both our physical and software servers and our software security. We have now acquired an HTTPS gateway (you can find it at JASPAR – Web Access) and allow you to work through a classic RDP desktop or for the enthusiasts through HTML 5....
Abolition of road tax for motor vehicles up to 12 tonnes
NEWS, TAX ADVICE / 10. 3. 2022
The government has decided to abolish the road tax for motor vehicles up to 12 tonnes. Businesses are no longer required to pay April advances. Those who paid advances at the beginning of the year for the whole year will be able to claim a refund. We will add details once the implementing regulation is...
We support Ukraine
NEWS / 1. 3. 2022
War in Ukraine, occupation We support Ukraine – we have sent funds and are ready to continue our commitment to help...
VAT refund
TAX ADVICE / 22. 2. 2022
VAT refund on real estate It’s Thursday afternoon and my phone is ringing... “Hello Mr Jaspar, I am the owner and creator of XYZ companies, we bought a non-residential space, I have had problems in my personal life and I want to reclaim the VAT... ” Of course I am making light of this, shortening...
Corporate income tax
TAX ADVICE / 11. 2. 2022
The Law Corporate income tax liability is governed by Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on Income Taxes, as amended for the relevant tax period (hereinafter referred to as the “Income Tax Act”). Tax period The tax period for corporate income tax is calendar year, the financial year, the period from the operative date of a merger...
Switch us to Automatic mode – automated processes
NEWS / 22. 1. 2022
We have our own servers for us and our customers. We take care of them ourselves. It’s convenient, we’re flexible for us and our customers... You don’t have to follow corporate rules and we do tailor-made services directly for our customers.. We like to prevent problems and invest in refreshes regularly. We regularly upgrade our...
Digitalization of accounting – we will make your work archiving data easier
Forget about old accounting books and take a route of perfection and comfort. Thanks to modern technology and innovation in accounting we are able to offer you better and more complex services. Controlling does not depend on people anymore. In cooperation with a system running in the background we are sure that we will not...
Jaspar tax news 10/2021
NEWS / 11. 11. 2021
Changes in VAT in the field of electronic trading from 1.10.2021 (formerly from 1.7.2021) Since 1 July  2021 there have been many changes in VAT regarding international distance trading (e-shop) for customers in the EU or operating electronic interface (digital platforms), and also importing from third countries. The place for taxing is the recipient’s state,...
We have a new website, subsidiary, and we support old age
NEWS / 11. 11. 2021
After succesfully expanding our office to the capital city we have decided to make another step. This time eastwards. You can now visit our office in Ostrava. This is not the only news from Jaspar. Take a look at current events and get to know your accounting partner a little better. We are growing, which...