14. 9. 2023
Accounting and tax changes that could be coming in 2024
NEWS / 14. 9. 2023
We’ve put together a taster of the new things we’ll have to deal with in 2024. The government is preparing a raft of accounting and tax changes in a bid to fill the Treasury coffers. It’s even taking a swipe at employee benefits, which until now have seemed untouchable. It is debating what to tax...
13. 9. 2022
Lowering the entry price of a low-emission vehicle
NEWS, TAX ADVICE / 13. 9. 2022
Reduction of the entry price of a low-emission vehicle when using the car for business and private purposes The Income Tax Amendment Act reduces from 1% to 0.5% of the entry price of the vehicle for each calendar month the so-called add-on when using the vehicle for business and private purposes for low-emission vehicles.  A...
7. 9. 2022
Remission of penalty for failure to report exempt income
NEWS, TAX ADVICE / 7. 9. 2022
Under Section 38v of the Income Tax Act, individuals are obliged to report income exempt from income tax if it exceeds the threshold of CZK 5 million. Such an obligation may arise, for example, in the case of a transfer for consideration of a share in a business corporation that is exempt from personal income...
7. 9. 2022
Travel refunds
NEWS, TAX ADVICE / 7. 9. 2022
Decree 511/2021 Coll. on travel allowances has already been amended twice this year. In both cases, the decreed price of fuel was changed. As of 20 August 2022, the price of 98 octane petrol for the purpose of travel reimbursements has been increased to CZK 51.40 per litre. The price of 95 octane petrol will...
14. 8. 2022
Controlling in an accounting firm
NEWS, NEZAŘAZENÉ / 14. 8. 2022
We estimate that up to 95% of larger accounting firms do not have visibility of their people and their work. Imagine you have dozens of people, hundreds of clients that you do the accounting for... You’re the owner and you’re responsible for the quality of the work... How do you check with hundreds of your...
24. 6. 2022
Holidays 2022
NEWS / 24. 6. 2022
Holidays 2022 We wish you to enjoy your holidays and to recharge your batteries for your work. On behalf of the accountants, we wish everyone a holiday dream come true... Team Jaspar Ltd.
9. 6. 2022
Child allowance 5.000 CZK
NEWS, TAX ADVICE / 9. 6. 2022
Not everyone who has a child is entitled to the 5,000 allowance... The government has backed a law on the conditions under which the allowance can be drawn. Part of the parents will get it automatically and the other part after meeting the conditions. The main criterion, the child’s residence in the Czech Republic and...
2. 4. 2022
2FA sealing of RDP area
NEWS / 2. 4. 2022
We have decided that in these difficult times we will keep innovating, both our physical and software servers and our software security. We have now acquired an HTTPS gateway (you can find it at JASPAR – Web Access) and allow you to work through a classic RDP desktop or for the enthusiasts through HTML 5....
10. 3. 2022
Abolition of road tax for motor vehicles up to 12 tonnes
NEWS, TAX ADVICE / 10. 3. 2022
On 1 July 2022, an amendment to the Road Tax Act comes into force: You are not obliged to pay the tax for cars and trucks up to 3.5 tonnes 100% exemption for trucks up to 12 tonnes So only vehicles over 12 tonnes apply, tax rates for lorries over 12 tonnes have been significantly...
1. 3. 2022
We support Ukraine
NEWS / 1. 3. 2022
War in Ukraine, occupation We support Ukraine – we have sent funds and are ready to continue our commitment to help...