Controlling in an accounting firm

NEWS, NEZAŘAZENÉ / 14. 8. 2022

We estimate that up to 95% of larger accounting firms do not have visibility of their people and their work.

Imagine you have dozens of people, hundreds of clients that you do the accounting for… You’re the owner and you’re responsible for the quality of the work…

How do you check with hundreds of your clients that their accounts are being done correctly and on time by your people?

We’ve been working on this solution for years, and it’s cost us millions…

We’ve put in place small accounting teams and team leaders. We’ve also done data analytics on almost all of our customers for whom we do accounting.

For each of our customers, we have defined data conditions and we monitor them.

In practice, this means that if one of our colleagues does not process the accounts on time and to the right quality, we know about it almost immediately and we don’t have to be told by the client that they are dissatisfied with our work.

And why I used the word almost all above, because we are now tuning the solution, for clients who have their own servers and we connect to work there. #taxes #payroll #contoling #vedeniucetnictvi #powerBI




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