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Forget about old accounting books and take a route of perfection and comfort. Thanks to modern technology and innovation in accounting we are able to offer you better and more complex services. Controlling does not depend on people anymore. In cooperation with a system running in the background we are sure that we will not miss anything important. Read about how we work with our trusted archive, accounting software Pohoda, and also Power BI platform. Accounting has never been simpler.

Although automation of processes and new technology in a company may seem difficult to some, you do not have to worry about it in your company. We take care of our customers from the very start, that is from the entry of documents through accounting all the way to the above mentioned results in Power BI. Data provided by our customers travel through mentioned software and provide perfect overview of the current state of business. At the end of these processes the data become foundation for business analysis. You then have a perfect picture of what is going on with your company’s performance in real time.

A huge advantage of this system is its transparency and settings of performance. Initial processor of documents, an accountant, CFO, or even the owner themselves may be informed about all the data necessary for future work or decisions.

This does not mean that you have to acquire software or hardware for tens of thousands of crowns – both can be rented or got for free from us. Access to individual systems will be available 24/7 all year long thanks to our technology. Make the first step to digitalization of processes with us.

Důvěryhodný archiv

Get rid of unnecessary paper documentation.


Trusted archive – saves trees, time, and trouble

Time to put an end to boring paperwork, archiving, and storage of documents for years. With our archive you can easily get rid of paperwork agenda for good. How is that possible? Trusted archive, which we use at Jaspar, has timestamps. They offer both management and long-term storage of documents online without the necessity to keep them physically offline.

It is thanks to digitalization that you can find any document any time from anywhere. The only thing needed is Internet connection. Each customer gains a unique workflow and thus the trusted archive can be perfectly customed to any company. Any changes and history of actions are saved continuously.

And how does it work? First there is verification of documents. This alone saves a lot of time, because you do not need to deliver documents to an accounting firm. After successful verification of an inserted document comes the entry into accounting, the sophistication of which surpasses the traditional human factor. Final posting and linking the document with the archive is then quick and safe. We can therefore avoid any delays effectively. Regular backup, archivation, and updated are a matter of course.



Accounting is Pohoda

Accounting truly has never been simpler. Accounting software Pohoda is a regular tool in the field and with Jaspar, you can have it directly available from our server. Even here there are regular updates and backups. This takes place several times a day in Pohoda thanks to which your data are taken care of. Our customers also have tech support available from one of our accountants and IT department. So even people with little to no experience can make the most of our software.

Pohoda saves time, and a lot of it. An average reaction time after accepting a customer’s requirement is only 30 minutes. Linking the archive and the software itself is very intuitive. A customer simply sends his document via e-mail, from a smartphone, printer, or the portal itself where it waits further processing. This is done by human factor, however, for a fee to a third party, you can replace it by a robot which processes and approves all the data automatically.

Our system then checks for eventual duplicates and for facts that you do not book the document in a finished VAT period. There are many more checks running. In the final part, a document with a filled-in heading moves to Pohoda for booking in, from where it travels all the way to Power BI platform.


Paper document ⇨ Pohoda ⇨ Power BI


And also without automatic reminders and reporting it would not be a perfect automatization. These processes are a matter of course in an accounting software as well as unrestricted access from anywhere. Only the Internet is needed. Similar processes were just a fantasy for accountants in the past. Do you still want to storage your documents? We will gladly get you rid of this arduous work.

End of document storage.


Power BI or True power in data

Maybe you have never heard of it but you should. Power BI is a platform for business analysis in real time. You can see your current performance all the time. Each database, accounting unit or company automatically gains export of the accounting Pohoda database which travels into Power BI. Individual users then have an option to check a business‘ performance thanks to interactive graphs and charts. The complexity of this platform is supported by automatic breakup into single documents.

Data are taking over the world, and also accounting. Thanks to sophisticated functions you can easily get overview of:

  • Sales
  • Income statement
  • Claim
  • Liabilities
  • Turnover
  • Funds etc.

Each individual category can be sorted to fit your needs. Should there be any anomalies happening on the platform, our customers get an immediate e-mail alert reporting on a possible bug. You do not have to be worried about losing your data.

This platform can also take advantage of its compatibility with software mentioned above. Database from Pohoda accounting software is automatically transferred to Power BI.

Entrust your accounting documents into our hands and watch how they are processed by advanced software. You then get a simple overview and easy access.

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