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ISDOC, vytezovani , Power BI

You need different document flows for different sized companies /clients/. For an accounting firm /its employees/ you need a uniform flow. Flow that you can automate, thus reducing the cost of document processing…

ISDOC will improve the life of the company, but it won’t save it… You need to have both a combination option and also data mining.

Unfortunately the value added is not who processes how many documents and how fast, but how you can work with the data, the taxes and the interpretation of that data…

1 – Document entry and approval is on the client side
3 – Accounting data is shared, processed both by the client /bank payments, cash management, etc./ and by the accounting firm /VAT control, VAT processing, etc./
3- Outputs for CFOs, traders are on the public platform Power Bi from Microsoft

This is accounting and digitalization…

Add to this tax and accounting expertise, 10 years of experience in this world of digitalization and you have a lot to offer, both to accountants and companies…



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