Management Reporting

A company can be run on the basis of assumptions or on the basis of facts and figures. If you prefer the latter, you are certainly used to working with your company’s economic data. But today’s accounting systems don’t think much about management. For data-driven management, visualization is always better. That’s why Jaspar Management Reporting was created. Its input is data from the accounting system Pohoda. The output is graphs, colour charts and other elements that make it easier for managers and business owners to obtain key information for decision-making.

Introducing Jaspar management reporting

A solution built on the latest technologies and Microsoft’s PowerBI application with direct connection to the accounting application Pohoda.

No installation, access from any device

Just have any device with a web browser and an internet connection. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. You can access your company data from anywhere in the world.


Main advantages of Management Reporting

Available 24/7

Thanks to the online solution with a permanent connection to the POHODA software, you always have the data to manage your company.

Visualization of key data

No more cluttered accounting system environments full of spreadsheets. Instead, data about your business converted into charts and color scales.

Minimum cost

You pay no costs associated with the development of the system. We provide it as a service for a monthly fee - less than your monthly mobile phone bill.

View the agendas you are interested in

Jaspar’s Management Reporting contains everything you need to make decisions. A detailed view of the profit and loss statement, accounts receivable and payable, cash flow plus its evolution over time and many other indicators.

A quick glance and you know how your business is doing

With financial data visualization, you can get an overview of how your company is performing in different areas of the economy in minutes. It’s just as easy to spot problem areas that need extra attention.


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