Ticketing Portal

The Ticketing Portal is a simple and clear online platform that presents everything you need to communicate with our team.

You can use it to submit requests or questions to our accountants, payroll accountants, IT technicians or tax advisors for resolution, communicate with them about your accounting or send them the documents you need.

Escalate your requirements from accountant to accountancy firm owner

Are you in a hurry to address any of your requirements? Unable to get in touch with the right member of our team? In the Ticketing Portal, you can escalate your request through the team leader to the owner of the accounting firm. This way, nothing is ever left unresolved.

Get rid of the clutter of emails, keep all your communication with us in one place

Thanks to the Ticketing Portal, you can forget about having an email inbox. At least when communicating with our accounting office. You can find everything you need for every query or request on one page without having to search through stacks of emails.


Main advantages of Ticketing Portal

Clear management environment

No complicated mail client, long and cluttered email threads or ten messages in ten windows. The Ticketing Portal is a clear web application where you can always find everything you need.

Accessible on any device

The Ticketing Portal is accessible from any device, wherever you are. It works like a regular website. You only need a regular web browser to start it. On your computer, tablet, mobile phone or even on your TV.

Easy submission or forwarding of a request

Is the accountant in charge of you on vacation? Or do you need to bring in an IT specialist or payroll accountant? Thanks to the easy handover of open tasks, we will solve your requirements playfully and within one application.

Have all the details and supporting documents for the request nicely together

Your communications, responses from Jaspar Accounting staff, attached files, costs of related multi-tasking, current status or assigned resolver information. All in one place.

Keep track of the status of your requests

A quick glance will show you where your individual requests are in the process of being resolved. Those that are rushed can easily move closer to resolution by escalating to the supervisor or management accounting office. Elaborate on all requirements is easily displayed in one complete list, where a colour scale gives you a quick indication of where each requirement stands. With just one click, you’ll know all the details.


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