Electronic Archive

Our reliable virtual archive provides long-term online archiving of accounting documents and thus fully replaces paper records. Thanks to the digitisation of accounting, you no longer have to worry about the physical archiving of documents. Online accounting means mandatory electronic archiving of tax documents, i.e., the storage of all accounting data in the cloud.

Our reliable archive meets the legislative requirements for the storage of electronic documents. It works by using modern security mechanisms to verify the credibility of documents. For completeness, the archive also includes certified time stamps.


Various options for uploading documents into the archive

Reliable archive

Secured methods for processing e-documents to suit the client’s needs.

Accounting programmes

Possibility to import/export already recorded documents, including previews


Customer system

Simple and intuitive management of all stored documents and metadata


The main advantages of the archive

Intelligent storage for everyone

The system is very effective, user-friendly, and affordable for every user or company.

Want to see invoices for specific orders?

We give you the unlimited possibility to preview invoices and documents of specific orders.

Do you have authorization processes?

With just one click, inform the authorised person when they can start working with accounting documents! The archive system is transparent, so you can see the entire editing history of each document.

Stay in the picture with us and simplify your work!

Put an end to binders and lengthy paperwork – current legislation fully recognises the electronic form of all documents!