Case studies

Case study: poor accounting and the “gift” of high corporate income tax
CASE STUDIES / 14. 9. 2023
We have decided to post stories from time to time about our accounting practice and the problems we help solve to our clients. We are doing this (apart from a bit of self-promotion, of course) with one main goal in mind. Namely, to show that even in the area of accounting and taxes, which is...
Case study: stories of clients for whom we reconstructed their accounting
CASE STUDIES / 11. 9. 2023
At Jaspar, we are increasingly encountering potential clients contacting us with the problem: “We have poorly managed accounting”. Since we work with many auditors, we discuss not only accounting problems but also personnel problems. Unfortunately, our fellow auditors have also confirmed to us that in recent years there has been a growing “phenomenon” of poorly...